A new way of learning

Mr. Ibrahim holds a Master’s degree in General linguistics from the University of Boulder- Colorado/1987. He began teaching The Concept Grammar Program to Arab students in Kuwait in 1996. In 2001, the first ten chapters of the program was made available for sale on CD. Meanwhile, the rest of the program continued as live lectures. In 2013, the entire program was sold on flash USB. Four years later, in 2017, Mr. Ibrahim managed to produce the English version of the first 10 chapters as online lectures. The remainder of the program, 22 chapters, will be available later this year. 

Three other innovative programs appeared in 2014; the subconscious for academic success, the subconscious for mental fitness, and the time management tables.Mr. Ibrahim is also the creator of The Closed Chambers/Open Chambers  Program for the Arabic Language.

In this program, Mr. Ibrahim teaches Arabic grammar using mathematical equations. It has taken Mr. Ibrahim 4 years to cover 70%  of Arabic grammar. Work on the remaining 30% is ongoing.